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C.L. Thomas was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Belmont University, she moved to Nashville in pursuit of a career in communications and photojournalism where she lived for over ten years.

C.L. travels widely every year as a fine arts photographer and writer exploring various afterlife research, OBEs, metaphysics, folklore, and paranormal events and group.

She has written many articles and maintains a blog on legends, folklore magic and paranormal stories. Currently, she resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her beloved golden retriever and maine coon cat.

Upcoming Projects
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Dancing With Demons

a paranormal encounter

This has been a hard piece to write for many reasons. When you dig too deep into the spirit world and expose evil, they tend to lash back in specific areas of your life. I have not set a date for release but plan to put it back out this Fall.

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JUNE 04, 2021

Speaking To Shadows

A provoking historical novel based in the bayous. 

What ghostly shadows stalk the night deep in the bayous? This historical tale promises to keep you awake at night. Ghosts, voodoo, and mystery shroud over these haunted swamps leaving death and destruction wherever they may. Who can stop them?

What Our Readers Are Saying
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Triffany S.

DANCING. WITH. DEMONS. OMG. I got the chills many times toward the end of the book. It blews my mind. It managed to surpass my high expectations.

Alexandra D.

Let me preface this with an apology. If I sound stunningly inarticulate at times in this review, I can't help it. My mind is completely fried.

John M.

I forget when or how I first came across this book, and I’ve been wanting to read it again for quite some time now so that I could write up a coherent review of it.