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Speaking to Shadows

Available December 5, 2021


What ghostly shadows stalk the night deep in the bayous? This historical tale promises to keep you awake at night. Ghosts, voodoo, and mystery shroud over these haunted swamps leaving death and destruction wherever they may. Who can stop them?

Dancing With Demons

On Hold

This short read embarks on suicide and demonic activity and explores the idea that negative entities can play havoc on someone’s physical energy and mental state. The bible suggests that the struggle of man against evil influences is the whole history of the world. This inference creates all literature and ancient religions. Arthur Crane writes in The Great Exorcism that “they (negative entities) fasten themselves gradually upon you, bring dreams and imaginings, seem to set the rest of the world against you, and torment you into insanity and death.”

Sharing my story and experiences with the paranormal, I refer to a hostile haunting almost ten years ago that changed me. I try and bring to light how destructive demonic forces are, particularly for those who are overly interested in having a “paranormal experience.” 

Dancing with Demons has been a complicated piece to write for many reasons. When you dig too deep into the spirit world and expose evil, they tend to lash back in specific areas of your life. Every time I try to put it out, something major crumbles in my life and throws me into the dark throes of depression, and I have to place it on the back burner again. I have not set a date for release but plan to put it back out this Fall.