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Speaking to Shadows

What ghostly shadows stalk the night deep in the bayous? This historical tale promises to keep you awake at night. Ghosts, voodoo, and a haunted history shroud over these haunted swamps leaving a string of mysterious deaths and strange items strewn around town. Fear and hysteria overtake an entire town when multiple reports of a shadow figure stalk the night, initiating curfews and warrants investigations. Bodies are found with their faces contorted into eternal grimaces as if they witnessed an assailant just before death. What is thought to be logical explanations for death is quickly turned into foul play.

The Villafont’s sugar plantation, dating back three hundred years, sits secluded in the magical bayous of Southern Louisiana. A priest’s sudden accident on his property off River Road unleashes an unstoppable evil. Officer Hue Landry and a nurse, Callie Bennett uncover a dark history that started on the plantation grounds centuries ago. Through tenacious research, they discover that all the victims share the same history and ancestry. Together with a Voodoo Priestess who lives in a trapper’s cabin deep in the swamps, they unravel who controls the haunting and set out to stop the curse once and for all.

Dancing With Demons

Available October 4, 2023

Coming soon.


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