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Premonitions and Dreams

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Recently, I had a profound déjà vu while on a trip to Salem, Massachusetts. But let me back up just a little before expounding upon this further. A few months ago, I had a vivid dream in which I was walking home from a spiritual event that I had attended, back to my car through a small town with brick roads. During the walk back to my car, I passed by very historical old houses decorated with Halloween decorations. Along the way, I picked up several decorative Halloween eyeballs from a wooden fence and bushes and put them into my bag. I found myself cutting through strip mall full of shops. All the shops in the mall were closed and dark, except for one at the end, an eye physicians’ shop, which was bright, open and ready to serve me. This dream was so vivid I wrote it down the next morning in my journal and tried to recall as many of the details as I could. At the time, I had no idea what I was seeing or why.

Months later, I took a trip out of the blue from Nashville, TN. I booked a plane and traveled to Marlborough, Massachusetts to attend the Natural Living Exp. It was the first time ever attending something like this for me. The next day, I visited a few of the local historical towns, Salem being one of those. It was the month of November and very cold, even for Boston weather.

After exploring things like the Custom House and the House of Seven Gables, I got cold and headed back to my rental car. I took a series of short cuts and found myself on a several narrow brick side streets and alley ways. This is where déjà vu set in. Down one of the streets, there was a wooden fence with plastic decorative Halloween eyes hanging on them, left over from Halloween. I became nauseous because it was so close to what the dream looked like. At the end of an alley way, I found myself walking down a street of very old houses, all of them still decorated from Halloween. Slowly, the dream replayed itself in the back of my mind as I made my way up the road. I came out somewhere beside the Maritime Museum on Essex Street and realized that if I cut through the strip mall, I could reach my car. As I walked into the mall, the details and colors were so familiar it made my head spin. Most of the shops in the mall was closed except for one at the end, just like in the dream. Only instead of a vision shop, it was a psychic shop, which was open and ready to do readings from the intuitive within. Not to mention, most of the stores along Essex Street and in the mall are occult related, an attraction for avid ghost hunters and witch enthusiasts.

I didn’t stop at psychic shop that day, though I wonder what might have happened if I did. However, the experience has left me wondering what things like this could mean. A lot of symbolism is played out with this experience, such as antiquity, attending a spiritual expo, picking up eyeball decorations, and finally ending up at a psychic shop, or in the dream, a vision shop. Paying attention to my own spiritual awakening and trusting my own intuition was the big message for me, as I have been questioning validity of some of my own recent experiences. It is also to stop searching outside of myself for the things I seek.

Why does stuff like this occur? I think it largely depends on the life journey that the individual who experiences these things is undertaking. Perhaps it is a form of ESP that is trying to tell us something important, to avoid a situation or to do a certain thing to influence an event, or maybe it is a past life regression for some?

For now, I strive to learn about myself and who I am as a spiritual being. Most people go on about their lives without ever questioning consciousness and why we as humans sometimes experience lucid dreaming, premonitions, out of body experiences, etc. They never explore what they truly are as a complex spiritual being. If every human did, there would be no reason to have wars and create lives of chaos. Everyone would be too busy working on their consciousness and figuring out what comes next. They would realize that our physical lives are just a small temporary occurrence to consciousness, one in which we are meant to learn and grow, and that the physical is not all there is.

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