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The Curious Incident of the Spirit Box P-SB7

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

I must admit, I've been skeptical about EVPs caught on a radio sweeper. After all, wouldn’t the voices just be radio voices? I have been studying NDEs and OBEs and other Afterlife Awareness avenues since the beginning of the year due to a few experiences I have had. This interest recently turned my attention to the Spirit Box and EVP phenomena.

I purchased the Spirit Box P-SB7 recently to see if the voices caught could really be something paranormal. My intentions initially were not to take the device ghost hunting, however; after having taken a class through the Monroe Institute, I wanted to see if one could project their own thoughts through the Spirit Box.

Before I could do any experiments with the Spirit Box, I wanted to see if the device would work. I took it to an old City Cemetery one late afternoon to see if it would catch voices, be it radio or otherworldly, and what better place than an old cemetery? It was a hot, muggy day, and I took my dog to hang out in the cemetery with me.

For forty minutes as I watched my dog run around, nothing came out of the box at all except the radio sweeping noise. No voices whatsoever came out of it, just relentless static. I tried several settings, both AM and FM; and still, there was just nothing. I knew there had to be something around, but there was nothing from the equipment, not even on a little digital recorder I carried.

Then enters this homeless guy. He came up to me and said I was a pretty girl and proceeded to ask me for money, ask me questions, anything but going away. I shooed him off twice, and he wouldn't leave me alone. He kept circling around me, hiding behind mausoleums only to reappear. After another fifteen minutes of this, I got nervous and decided to call it quits. It was too hot, the Spirit Box remained silent, and now a man was bothering me and no one else was in the cemetery.

I called my dog to leave and the man started moving toward me again, blocking me from my car. This was not a smart thing to do, go into a cemetery as a small female by myself, but my adventurous side always likes to think that I can go anywhere and do anything. I tried to think what to do, and out of nowhere, the box started talking! Three different voices, two men and one woman back to back said in rapid succession, "this is bullshit", "be careful" and "he's a stalker!"

It was the stalker bit that initially caught my attention after an hour of complete static and silence. I just happened to catch these voices on the digital recorder I carried, as they spoke through the Spirit Box. I was so shocked by the voices, I just stood there for a few seconds. My dog growled at the man who was finally deterred by my ferocious golden retriever dog who is only known to lick people usually. I snatched her leash up and ran for my car to get out of dodge.

I will never know what the man’s intentions were. And that part of this story is not important at all, though I am glad I had my dog with me that day. Three very different voices sounded out of the Spirit Box. If they were just radio voices, how could they have said three things so coincidental as to what was going on at that moment, especially after an hour of just static and silence? It was like three spirits communicated in live time through the Spirit Box. I am stunned by this curious incident of the Spirit Box.

I would not recommend this model of the Spirit Box-SB7 today. There are a few other newer models out there that do a much better job and are better designed.

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