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This is a limited cleaning rosemary and sea salt mix I made for cleansing, intention setting and magical uses for Yule. Very limited stock. Can be used for baths, in yule magical rituals and spell work, or for fragrence. 


Rosemary Magical Properties

Its name means “dew of the sea. Rosemary is part of the sage and is connected to the Sun and to the element Fire. Rosemary’s magical properties are multiple and ALL powerful. If you have a need or intention, rosemary will cover it. It’s all-purpose. But here’s a quick breakdown of rosemary magical properties: purification, all-heal, protection, love, lust, memory and mental clarity, aids sleep, and attracts elves. In a Spanish fairy tale called “The Sprig of Rosemary”, a young maiden meets an elf when she accidentally pulls up a rosemary plant. The young elven man seems to pop up out of the ground and then whisks her off to his kingdom through the hole where the rosemary roots once were. In this way, I believe rosemary doesn’t just attract elves, it acts as a key to the world of fairies. It may be effective in opening your third eye to seeing elementals and the faery realm. AND aids in astral travel in one’s dreams.


Please note: This product is not made for consumption.

Magical Rosemary Yule Mix

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